Invading Assistens Churchyard – #Digitalinvasions #ak in Copenhagen

I am going to „invade“ a churchyard. Actually, the word „invade“ does not fit the event I plan. I want to stroll slowly and quietly, with my smartphone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other hand through Copenhagen’s most famous churchyard: Assistens kirkegaard. My walk won’t be as lonely as it sounds, because 1) if you want – join me! 2) if weather is fine, there will be hundreds of people lying in the grass, talking and playing music or even jog through the park-like graveyard and 3) I will be part of an international on line event, the „digital invasions“.


Started in Italy in 2013, the digital invasions concept goes international this year (find the official webpage here). Between April 24th and May 3rd people from Italy and all over the world will „invade“ cultural places and become creative. The results and the process will be shared online, always using the hash tag #digitalinvasions. – A great example for a new concept to engage people actively in culture and to connect the digital and the „off line“ world.

My invasion: Invading a historical graveyard

Assistens graveyard (Danish: Assistens kirkegård, short: „Assistensen“) was built in 1760 in Copenhagen’s quarter Nørrebro, because there was a lack of space on the churchyards inside the town wall. It’s famous, because a lot of well known Danish people are buried there, but also because of its beauty. On „Assistensen“ you find a cultural center with an exhibition and you can book guided tours. So-called Kulturcentret Assistens provides a map for smart phone users, who can choose between four different tours.

Assistens churchyard is a beautiful park as well as last home for many famous Danes.

Assistens churchyard is a beautiful park as well as last home for many famous Danes.

On Friday, April 25th, 2pm, I want – starting at Kulturcentret Assistens, Kapelvej 4 – try „Digterruten“, the poets path. Among others it passes the graves of Dan Turèll, Hans Scherfig and – of course – Denmark’s most famous storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen. A video and a text will tell more about the writer’s life and death. I think about a quiet walk, maybe with a cup of coffee, maybe alone, maybe together with anybody, who wants to join (just meet me at the starting point!). Probably I will share my walk on Twitter (follow @MH_TextWeb), and later on here in the blog.

Starting point: Kulturcentret Assistens – Kapelvej 4, 2200 Copenhagen N
Starting date: Friday, April 25th 2014, 2 pm
Accessories: Smart phone with internet access, a cup of coffee 🙂

To follow in social media, find the hashtags #digitalnvasions #ak (for Assistens Kirkegård)

More information on #digitalinvasions:

Invasioni Digitali with an overview over all invasions in the whole world – and the possibility to start your own invasion

In German Kulturkonsorten (München) explain how to organize an invasion.

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