3 #musetech days in Copenhagen – Day 1: #hintme project at Statens Museum for Kunst


Last week I had three interesting days with focus on modern technologies and digital tendencies in museums. This is a short sum-up of day 1; summaries of day 2 and 3 following soon.

One of the first Danish tweet-ups: a practical example of digital tendencies in museums

My first station was the tweet-up at Statens Museum for Kunst, the National Danish art gallery. It was one of the first Danish tweet-ups at all and focussed on „hintme“, a Twitter-based platform that a range of Danish art museums have established to give visitors the possibility to talk about specific artworks online. The event was less theoretical about digital tendencies in museums, but a hands-on practical example.

Two hours giving each other hints about artworks

The concept in short: With the help of a map you can identify the artworks in the museum’s collection that have each their own hash tag. You can visit Hintme.dk and find an archive of other visitors‘ thoughts about this picture – and if you have a Twitter account you can easily add your own thoughts and hints.

Apart from Statens Museum for Kunst a range of other Danish art museums take part in the project: Faaborg Museum, Hirschsprung, J.F.Willumsens Museum, KØS, Ribe Kunstmuseum, Sorø Kunstmuseum, Thorvaldsens Museum and VejleMuseerne-Kunstmuseet. On the webpage, which was established as a corporate project by the art museums, you find a list of the artworks taking part: http://hintme.dk/v.

During the two hours tweet-up Merete Sanderhoff from Statens Museum for Kunst introduced the concept, before the participants had the chance to test the tool their selves. As the only „hint“ on the hintme-project was two small post cards with maps to locate the art works, but no hash tags in the exhibition, it was quite tricky to locate the specific pictures. But once they are found it is easy to follow up discussions on hintme and add own thoughts, questions or further information.

It is a funny way to come in contact with other art lovers, but definitely a tool for a narrow group of visitors. Merete Sanderhoff pointed out that it was important to give it a try and to collect experiences with digital tools. You can easily try it yourself, also from home.

Here you find a summary of tweets from the hintme-tweet-up.

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