Invasion accomplished: Visiting poet’s graves, online and offline

The sun was shining on the historical graveyard Assistens Kirkegård in Copenhagen. People were doing yoga next to exotic trees and old gravestones, drinking their Friday beer with friends or just enjoying the sun – and I was walking with my smartphone, following the “poet’s path” and tweeting about it. I wasn’t alone as people from Germany, the Netherlands and … >>>

Invading Assistens Churchyard – #Digitalinvasions #ak in Copenhagen

Assistens churchyard is a beautiful park as well as last home for many famous Danes.

I am going to “invade” a churchyard. Actually, the word “invade” does not fit the event I plan. I want to stroll slowly and quietly, with my smartphone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other hand through Copenhagen’s most famous churchyard: Assistens kirkegaard. My walk won’t be as lonely as it sounds, because 1) if you … >>>